New Release: Footage of Henry Segerstrom’s 80’s birthday gathering
Surrounded by friends, family and business associates, Henry Segerstrom, celebrated his 80th birthday with a surprise luncheon.
Henry Segerstrom Birthday

When working in the archives at any institution, it is not uncommon to move through materials that have been processed but have not been released to the greater public. Often we will hear about “newly” discovered letters between politicians from bygone eras or speeches with their handwriting marking it up.

During a recent research trip to the Segerstrom archives, I discovered a personal moment in Henry’s life. While looking  for  material  that  showcased   his   speech  giving

ability, I opened a digital folder and there it was, footage from an 80th birthday celebration. It appears that his wife, Elizabeth Segerstrom, gathered some of his closest friends, family and business associates to honor Henry.

In total there is roughly about 45 minutes of footage, well wishes from people, private moments and more. His affable nature is on full display during this short clip from the day’s event.

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