By A.C Martin Architects | Helmut Jahn
Created 1979 | Renovated 2000
Originally built and designed by A.C Martin Architects in 1979, Park Tower is an office structure located directly across from the Westin Hotel in South Coast Tower Plaza Center.

In 2000 it underwent a renovation design by the pioneering architect Helmut Jahn. Working with engineers from Pilkington Glass Company, Jahn developed an innovative system for a suspended glass canopy or vault with louvered wings that extended out from Park Tower’s lobby. Jahn’s design attempted to resolve a sense of place while facilitating a passage through the building. The lobby and canopy design combine the modernist, glass-skinned style of Mies van der Rohe with traditional architectural imagery. Always mindful of energy and cost efficiency, the lobby space is tempered by a radiant, cooled granite floor and a displacement air system. Jahn was convinced that his buildings should enjoy a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, and simultaneously be technologically advanced structures.

“….Higher ceilings allow the use indirect lighting, which is much healthier and reduces glare.”
– Helmut Jahn